About Splurty

Splurty went live on the 28th of June, 2014 as part of a Firehose Weekend. Born of the need to bestow the best of my 20+ years of student experiences unto the next generation of green students, Splurty also served as my playground to re-learn web development after college.

The site is built on the Ruby on Rails framework with a postgres database. Bootstrap 3 was used to make it look slick. Big shoutout to Marco & Ken for being awesome and guiding me through this. I'd highly recommended their courses if you're looking to get kickstarted on web development.


Amitav Khandelwal

Amitav Khandelwal is a tech/biz hybrid who likes to taste what's cooking in the next wave of technology, even if his tongue does get a little singed in the process. He likes hacking at Android apps, building websites like this one and meeting people around Boston, among other things like trying to stay fit and making futile attempts at juggling.